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Parental Guidance 0-1 & Postpartum Doula

After Birth - Home visit sessions

The postpartum period is perhaps the most

transformative time in a person's life.

It's where the foundations of who they will become

are been laid. 

At the same time, it is intensely emotional period,

where all existing feelings are magnified exponentially.

Joy and excitement mix with exhaustion and anxiety.


Technically, the postpartum period lasts only six weeks. 

Although in reality, the entire first year is filled with

dynamic challenges.

 The relationships within the family unit tend to loose

their balance, and exhaustion might disrupt


The bonding with the baby is crucial for their

development, but it doesn't always come easily.

In those meetings we'll normalize your thoughts,

feelings and experiences.

Process together your birth story, 

support the here and now,

till you find your family balance again

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