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with Noa  sessions
are open for everyone.

You are invited to attend these sessions

whether you are experiencing physical or emotional stress, if you are pregnant or have recently given birth,

or if you simply want to create space for yourself, your body, your needs, and your feelings.

By creating this space, we aim to illuminate and strengthen your positive aspects while clearing away unwanted, inherited patterns,

both physical and emotional, that you may have carried with you for ages.

These patterns can be unknowingly oppressive and burdensome, but they are no longer necessary.

I want to share my experience as a client of Noa Goldin.
I love Noa's way of thinking; it's open, creative and humble, 
yet she manages to be directed towards my needs and myself.
Noa knows how to listen, understand, and be completely present with you,
all with compassion and a good heart.
The feeling is that alongside the external observation, one that dissects things from
a bird's-eye view, Noa knows how to be with you in the full sense of the word.
This combination, in my view, is rare and surprising.
Noa knows how to be both a therapist and a friend.
I find Noa's guidance and advice to be accurate, touching,
and, when I use it, it's life changing.
Noa's support is very helpful and empowers me.
I'm grateful for the opportunity to be in this connection.     T.K, Israel
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